PlayBe Dojo: Play 2 & Java

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Last year at Devoxx, I met Steve Chaloner (@steve_objectify), a Welsh expat in Belgium, and the first guy I met who had been using PlayFramework professionally. Steve and his teammate managed to rewrite a struts 1 app that had been in development for some 4 years and that was ready for the bin. They used PlayFramework and rewrote the app in about a tenth of the original LOCs.
Steve is also the author of Deadbolt, a widely used authorization module for both Play 1 and 2.

For those who don’t know it: Play is a full-stack web framework for the JVM that was built from the ground up by web developers who were tired of the bloated enterprizeness of building web apps in java and decided to do something about it. It’s got strongly typed templates, asset compilation, full statelessness, real hot reloading (it’s stateless, duh), and it’s part of the typesafe stack of which some say it’s a disruptive force, like Spring used to be some time ago.
But my personal favorite is this: change code – hit F5 – do a demo.
In short, it’s the closest thing to PHP you can get as a java/JVM web dev, but without sacrificing your beloved strongly typed objects.

However, being a fanboy is not much fun if you’re the only one, even if you’re two. So somewhere in spring – the season – Steve and I decided to get started with the Belgian Playframework User Group (or #playbe for short). At this moment, the user group has about 30 members.

Now, a couple of months and beer sessions later, we’re very proud to announce PlayBe’s first real event: a Play2 Coding Dojo.
A coding dojo is a live coding event where everybody in the room is invited to participate. The format will be that of a Randori Kata, in which the group collectively builds an application, in our case using Play2 and Java.

What we’ll be building is still a bit of a secret, but I promise it’ll be something you can talk about at home, and maybe even use.
Also, did I mention that there’ll be food and drinks? (Thanks Cegeka for the hosting & sponsoring!).

The Dojo takes place 3 October, 2012 at 7pm, at the Cegeka Offices in Leuven (Belgium).
No PlayFramework experience is required, the only thing you should be familiar with is a keyboard and some Java. We won’t be doing any Scala.
Registration is required, but free.

Hope to see you there!