Hi, I’m Ben Verbeken, an agile software developer living in Tienen (Belgium, Europe). I spend most of my professional time writing web apps in Java using the usual spring and hibernate stack.
In my spare time, I prefer being a PlayFramework addict, only the best thing since sliced bread.
Together with Steve Chaloner I’m a co-founder of the Belgian Playframework User Group or #playbe for short.

Things I like

  • simplicity above all
  • the freedom of being a freelancer
  • red-green-refactor
  • PlayFramework
  • Brahms, Mendelssohn, Schubert
  • DRY and YAGNI
  • the agile manifesto
  • my objects to be statically typed
  • cool beer

Things I dislike, hate even

  • code comments
  • waterfalls
  • office politics
  • lasagna and spaghetti
  • complexity
  • duplication
  • duplication

Me, elsewhere on the web